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Oct 20 2007

Plugin: mg_recent_comments

The plugin <txp:mg_recent_comments /> makes a few small changes to the stock recent_comments tag offered in Textpattern. The link is given a title and the commentor’s name appears.


This plugin takes the same attributes as the standard recent_comments tag, which can be found here. The only changes this plugin makes are to the appearance of the link and the title of the link.


<txp:mg_recent_comments wraptag="ul" break="li" limit="3" class="comments-list" />

The above produces a ul of links like this, with the class “comments-list”:

Notes on Usage

This plugin behaves exactly as the stock <txp:recent_comments /> tag. It’s only change is to the look of the output, and the addition of a title attribute stating the commentor’s name.


Written by Michael Gravel, based, obviously, on the base txp code. I was unhappy with the appearance of the stock code and frustrated by the lack of a title on the link. So here is my solution.

Posted in text on October 20, 2007

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