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Oct 20 2007

Plugin: mg_page_title

The plugin <txp:mg_page_title /> is identical to the stock txp page_title tag, but it reverses the post name and site name on permanent link pages.

Download it: <txp:mg_page_title />


This plugin takes the same attribute as the stock <txp:page_title /> tag:

  • separator: Choose any separating character you like.


<txp:mg_page_title separator=" #8226; " />

In the above example, the output would be “Post Title • Site Name”. On all other pages, the output is the same as the stock <txp:page_title /> tag.

Notes on Usage

This tag is a simple drop in replacement for <txp:page_title />. The only difference is this: On permanent archive pages, the site name and the post title are reversed so that the post title is first (the stock txp tag places the site name first).


Written by Michael Gravel.

Posted in text on October 20, 2007

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